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About Lisa Dillhunt, M.Ed.

Teaching Background

Lisa taught students with cognitive disabilities in Milwaukee Public Schools and Green Bay Public Schools for eight years before becoming a Program Support Teacher for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders for Green Bay Public School District in 1996.


Lisa has a BA in Special Education from UW-Milwaukee.  In 2005 she completed her Professional Development Certificate from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.  In this program, she created a self-designed graduate program emphasizing teaching social learning and related communication skills to students with high functioning autism (HFA) and Asperger Syndrome (AS).  In 2007, she completed a Masters Degree in Education from Lesley University in Massachusetts. 

Related Experiences

In addition to her work with Green Bay Public Schools, Lisa is the owner of Social Thinkers, LLC, a business providing consulting services to families and school districts.  She presents information on social learning and other autism related topics at workshops and conferences throughout the state.  Since becoming interested in the concept of Social Thinking® (Michelle Garcia Winner) and gaining awareness as to how challenges in this area affect the long-term success of students, Lisa has become well versed in the work of Michelle Garcia Winner and her Center for Social Thinking in San Jose, California.  Lisa has traveled to Seattle and San Francisco to participate in Michelle’s workshops as well as to San Jose, where she spent a week in the clinic's mentoring program.  She considers Michelle an advisor and friend.  Her work provides the foundation of what Lisa offers students in her social learning classes.