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Welcome To Social Thinkers, LLC with Lisa Dillhunt

Social Thinkers, LLC is a company that provides social learning groups and autism consulting services for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and/or anxiety, as well as those with social communication challenges.

Social Learning Groups

In small groups of five to seven, students work with a dedicated, highly trained professional who is using new therapy techniques for students to support those with social learning challenges. Our framework encompasses many different teaching strategies and is largely based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner (MGW), who coined the term "Social Thinking®" and created the related teaching approachStudents will work on social understanding, which will in turn provide them with the knowledge and awareness needed to successfully apply social skills to novel situations. Social skills are the rote parts of interactions; Social Thinking, awareness and understanding are the more abstract, difficult to understand pieces. Without understandng the how/why, students with social learning challenges struggle to communicate and interact in an age-appropriate and expected manner. 

Just a few of the topics we will address in various sessions:

  • Explore creative approaches that enhance the development of social awareness both in the classroom and in other social settings. Abstract information will be broken down into language and concepts that students are better able to understand.

  • Work on the concept of “Wonder” (MGW). Students need to understand that all people wonder what others are thinking and feeling. They are curious about people around them whether they know them or not.  This is the basis of social interaction.

  • Learn how and why we use our eyes to help us figure out what is happening around us.

  • Learn how social thinking impacts organization, academics, reading comprehension, friendships, and communication.

  • Understand and practice the Four Steps of Communication (MGW) – it’s so much more than just talking!

  • Superflex© (Madrigal and Winner, 2008) is taught at some point to all groups to assist children in understanding the thinking challenges that impact behavior and social understanding.
  • Understanding that behavior falls into two basic categories - Expected and Unexpected (MGW).

Included in our work with our clients is a strong parent component.  Parents will receive education on the concepts and strategies needed to help their children carry the new ideas out the therapy door and into real life situations. Parents are expected to attend the last 10 minutes of each therapy session to explore with the instructor the new ideas learned during the class.  Children learn more efficiently when expectations are reinforced across different environments.  Parents are encouraged to share social thinking information with school staff and others who have consistent contact with our clients.

Session Structure

Classes are set up in 8-week sessions with each class lasting for 60 minutes: 50 minutes with students and 10 minutes with parents.

There will be four 8-week sessions throughout the school year and one 7 week summer session. Though students are not required to attend every session, social learning and growth is likely to be more consistent with regular attendance.

In addition to the instruction piece, parents will receive an information page following each class that highlights new concepts, vocabulary, why the concepts are important for social growth, and ideas to assist with carryover.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend each class in the session. Groups are stronger and more cohesive when students attend consistently. If a student is not able to attend a class, parents will be sent the information page for that class.  Fees for missed classes are not refundable.


Disclaimer: Social Thinkers LLC is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sanctioned by Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing, Inc